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Camel races in Alice Springs, AustraliaContestants in the now wildly popular regatta raced bottomless boats through the Todd River’s dry bed, and what started as a good-time local event, began to morph into a bigger affair. As word of the event spread and marketers generated major publicity, the regatta turned into an international lure, with competitors and media from around the world attending and the money flowing into Alice Springs.

Not bad for a town with no river, lake or ocean.

Dr. Laurence Chalip, a professor in The University of Texas at Austin’s College of Education, studies what motivates people to travel to a destination in order to view, participate in or appreciate some aspect of sport.Laurence Chalip He also helps sport organizations like the Olympics and works with cities to strategically plan how to draw sport tourists and keep them coming back for more.

“A location that successfully markets itself to sport tourists can enjoy significant economic gains, ” says Chalip, a Department of Kinesiology and Health Education faculty member and one of the experts consulted when Australia drafted its sport tourism policy. “The problem that many potential sport tourism spots have is in focusing too narrowly and thinking only in terms of marketing the specific event or facility, whether it’s a national beach volleyball tournament or the Baseball Hall of Fame.

“Perth and Fremantle in Western Australia are excellent examples of a region that had significant marks against it when it came to attracting sport tourism but that succeeded beyond anyone’s wildest dreams. Where a strategic vision exists and planners understand the importance of leveraging all of an area’s assets, the results can be exceptional. The Australians are particularly good at this.”

Longhorns football gameSport tourism is a fairly new niche, from a marketing perspective, and experts like Chalip are discovering the challenges that crop up when you aim to combine promotion of a sport event with promotion of a destination and want to enjoy economic gains that extend well past the event’s end.

Situated in the inhospitable Australian Outback, Alice Springs hasn’t let its physical environment prevent it from being a popular sport tourist destination. One major tourist draw is the annual Camel Cup, which includes market stalls and other entertainment in addition to the camel races themselves.

“A destination is a largely static factor, ” says Chalip. “If a town in a desert wants to become popular with sport tourists and see them return, the planners have to work with what’s there. You can’t pick the city up and move it 800 miles east where the temperatures are more moderate and there’s lush scenery. If there’s one hotel in the town and you want to create a three-day motocross rally, you probably aren’t going to build six or seven more hotels just for that purpose. Destinations have relatively permanent traits when you’re talking about natural as well as built features.

Skier against blue sky Fireworks celebration in Sydney, Australia during 2000 Olympic Games The town of Linhares, Portugal Hainan Island
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Chicago Image project

2007-02-26 21:36:10 by claw_of_archimedes

Hey everyone! I go to School at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and am currently enrolled in an urban geography class. Our current project is to begin to define an image of the city of Chicago. Our group chose a cultural angle based on what travel sites and other tourist sites touted as Chicago's premier cultural attractions. They boiled down to these groups (see below). I'd really appreciate some help on this one. The weather here is really NOT facilitating the interviewing strategy I had in mind. It's a really quick survey - the first thing that pops into your head. It doesn't matter if you're a resident, a visitor or live in an entirely different country

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  • Avatar ned_34 What is this type of tourism called?
    Apr 16, 2009 by ned_34 | Posted in Words & Wordplay

    For example, you have a special event, say the Australian Open Tennis, it attracts people from all over Australia and possibly overseas, they go to the tennis, but while also in Melbourne they visit other attractions and contribute to the economy....anyone know what this is called?
    Thanks for the attempt, but really it does not have to involve sports. Ie come for a music festivel and go to a casino or something.

    Im pretty sure there is a word for it, just cant put my finger on it.

    • Ummm i would say sports tourism!!!
      just check the link u dun belive me i.e...

  • Avatar wintersnow What is the best sport in Canberra?
    Feb 03, 2008 by wintersnow | Posted in Canberra

    Any information about sport in Canberra is appreciated

    • The area around Canberra is pretty good for birding. There are about 6 or 8 national parks within 100 km. You can probably pick up 200 to 250 different birds. A couple of the prettier are Flame Robin and Easthern Rosella