Importance of Sports Tourism

Australia in sport tourism driveAustralia has highlighted the power of sport tourism as integral to its tourism industry, led by events such as the Formula 1 Grand Prix. BTN takes a closer look at how the nation is harnessing sport to attract a global audience.

Over 300, 000 visitors recently flocked to Melbourne to witness the country’s top motor sport event, the Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix.

This was an ideal opportunity to showcase Melbourne to a global audience, as leafy Albert Park was transformed into a racing hub with a sleek 5.3km circuit, against the backdrop of the city’s skyline.

As a sector, tourism contributes $33 billion in GDP, or 2.6 percent of Australia’s total GDP. Tourism is the country’s largest services export earner and provides around half a million jobs.

The International Tourism Trade Fairs Association (ITTFA) recently highlighted the importance of sports tourism specifically, examining how it has grown from niche market to multi-billion dollar business.

The UNWTO also actively positions sport and mega-events in national tourism development strategies in order to maximize their potential as a driver of growth and development.

“Sport and tourism bring people together in many unimaginable ways and can play a major part as instruments of change, ” said UNWTO Secretary-General, Taleb Rifai.

This was demonstrated when Australia played host to two Olympic Games, in Melbourne in 1956 and Sydney in 2000. In Melbourne 67 nations and more than 3, 000 athletes competed in the Games. Over 1.3 million tickets were sold to the public during the event and 110 000 tickets were sold overseas.

Sydney’s Homebush Bay was redeveloped for the 2000 Games, followed by the Paralympic Games. Sydney generated £1.2 billion additional business following the 2000 Olympic Games.

Tourism has dramatically increased and media coverage to the value of an astonishing £2.5 billion was achieved. International Olympic Committee President Juan Antonio Samaranch described the Sydney Olympics as ‘the best ever’.

Other important sporting events that have been held in Australia include The Commonwealth Games, involving athletes from 71 nations. Australia has also hosted world cups and finals of many sports, including cricket, rugby, netball, swimming, tennis and various football codes, the 2003 Rugby World cup final saw over 70, 000 England fans arrive in Sydney. The Melbourne Cup is one of the world’s premier horseracing events, attracting up to 120, 000 spectators and broadcast to a large international audience

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Cut teachers pensions, buy fireworks.

2011-12-11 21:53:09 by asaman

London 2012 Olympics: Austerity boy David Cameron steps in to double budget for opening and closing ceremonies
By Jacquelin Magnay and Christopher Hope7:00AM GMT 06 Dec 2011
Despite the worsening economic climate, the Prime Minister sanctioned spending more on fireworks and acrobats at the beginning and end of the London Games.
The news came as the public spending watchdog warned that the bill for security at the Games next year will be twice as high as previously thought

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  • Avatar albert m What is tourism?
    Jul 24, 2006 by albert m | Posted in Geography

    Main types, significance ,economic importance,

    • There is also eco-tourism where people from overly developed countries go visit countries that have honored and preserved their natural beauty.
      Generally the groups are small to not damage nature - plant and animal.
      Often eco-tourism has been promoted so that the local people can honor the natural areas without seeing the animals as food and the land as a place to grow crops - there's a way to make money without destroying what is there.
      People have to eat too.

  • Avatar Bella What are different types of tourism?
    Oct 30, 2011 by Bella | Posted in Other - Destinations
    • Pilgrimage Tourism - Pilgrimages have created a variety of tourist opportunities in medieval period and even in today’s modern tourism, they stand as an important stream of tourism.

      Health Tourism – Even though health tourism existed long before, it gained importance during eigh …ented niche tourism includes adventure tourism such as the mountaineering and hiking (tramping), the backpacker tourism, the sport travel for golf and scuba diving or see a sports event and extreme tourism for people interested in risky activities.

      For other information -

  • Avatar Akshata Importance of environment?
    Dec 29, 2010 by Akshata | Posted in Homework Help
    • Honestly speaking I may not answer this question to your satisfaction, but I will still give it a try…….
      Environment!!! To a lame man the definition of environment is only restricted to where he or she lives. According to the Cambridge dictionary definition of environment (the air, water …two countries are huge oil exporting countries (These natural resources are found in their country)

      7. About having a positive environment; a positive environment attracts individuals of other countries to theirs. For example almost everyone would like to visit the united states.