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Parks, Recreation & Tourism Management specializes in the planning and management of parks, recreation and sport areas and facilities, tourism attractions and leisure activities in a range of environments for all ages and lifestyles. There are three concentrations available: Program Management, Park & Natural Resource Recreation, and Tourism & Commercial Recreation Management.

The Program Management Concentration prepares students to develop and manage organized activities for individuals and groups. Students can choose elective courses from these areas: natural resource/interpretive settings, commercial/tourism settings, outdoor leadership, community settings, and program administration.

The Park and Natural Resource Recreation Concentration provides a background for students to pursue positions in planning, managing, and maintaining parks and other natural resource areas at the federal, state, regional or local levels and in settings ranging from primitive to urban.

The Tourism and Commercial Recreation Concentration provides preparation for positions in planning, marketing, and managing tourism facilities, attractions, and products in the private, public, or government sector.

Courses include:

Commercial Recreation & Tourism Management, Business Processes, Management of Park & Recreation Facilities, Organizational Behavior, Sports Law, Ecology, Leadership & Supervision in Recreation.


College of Natural Resources


Business, Management, Finance Sport and Leisure

Academic Department:

Parks, Recreation & Tourism Management

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Skills You Could Develop:

Program Development

Management Practices


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Experiences & Resources to Consider:

Undergraduate ResearchOpportunities for students to engage with faculty in research projects. Great way to get practical experience and to enhance resume while an undergrad; make professional contacts, explore advanced educational opportunities.

Career Development Center-Information about summer jobs, co-op, internships, and permanent opportunities. Assistance with career guidance and preparation of resume and cover letter.

Study Abroad-Study in another country and experience the wonders of another culture.

HealthPAC-Resources for students who are interested in health programs and careers. Program prerequisites for medical, dental, optometry, physical therapy, physician assistant, nursing and more. Advising is available. Students are encouraged to use this resource early in their college career.

VetPAC-Advising for students who are considering graduate or professional school in veterinary medicine.

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Recreation Sports and Tourism jobs

  • Avatar C Summer internships related to Recreation, Sport & Tourism and Communication?
    Feb 10, 2013 by C | Posted in Air Travel

    I am a senior double majoring in Communication and Recreation, Sport, and Tourism. I have had a summer internship with NBCUniversal, but want to focus more on the Recreation and Travelling aspect of my degree.

    I LOVE traveling and my dream job would be to get paid to travel or go …. I want to gain experience in the field. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions I would greatly appreciate them.

    Ideas: Wounded Warrior Project, Red Frog Events, Spartan Race,, buzzfeed, TOMS shoes, anything non-profit as well (anything similar/related would be awesome)

    • Okay, so, you want an "internship" that sends you to some exotic locale, covers your expenses, and pays you on top of that? Congratulations, so does everyone else :-)

      Seriously though, these type of things are few and far between. There's opportunities to volunteer, op …the local language, and you'll get paid to do so, but again, you have to get there yourself and take care of yourself once you're there. Try to check with your school, perhaps they have some resources that aren't commonly known and can point you in the right direction.

      Good luck.

  • Avatar Dev K What jobs can one get with a coporate communications major?
    Aug 25, 2008 by Dev K | Posted in Higher Education (University +)

    I plan on majoring in corporate communications with a leisure &sports management/ parks, recreation and tourism management minor. Does this open up high paying job opportunities? What jobs can one get with this major.

    • I think this would open up higher paying jobs, but keep in mind you must also have extra curricular things other than the education majors.