Sport Tourism Destinations: James Higham

The second edition provides an incisive, comprehensive examination of sport tourism, exploring the scope and diversity of the linkages between sport and tourism, and focusing on their manifestations in time and space. In presenting a critical discussion of theoretical and applied issues in sport tourism, the authors synthesize a wide range of literature into insightful perspectives of key dimensions of sport tourism development, using ‘focus points’ in each chapter to illustrate real-world manifestations of the concepts and issues being discussed, with additional support provided by international case studies. Continued growth in the demand for sport tourism experiences has heightened the need for advanced, in-depth and critical insights that are theoretically informed. This incisive book has been written to address that need and to stimulate the curiosity of students, educators and practitioners alike.


This is a well-structured revision of an innovative text on a topic of increasing interest and relevance in tourism studies. The authors are to be commended for not only updating their first edition but also for adding some new and highly relevant examples. This is an indispensable text for those interested in the growing field of sports tourism.
Richard Butler, Emeritus Professor, University of Strathclyde, UK

The second edition of Sport Tourism Development is much more than an update of Hinch and Higham’s seminal text. Recent advances in sport tourism research and theory have been fully captured in this new edition, which synthesized and organizes the field in useful ways. The book constructively explores the current state of knowledge, and clearly articulates the implications for theory and practice.
Laurence Chalip, University of Texas at Austin, USA

Drs. Hinch and Higham have once again delivered an up-to-date, accessibly written overview of the relationship between sport, tourism, and development. The book addresses the critical issues and opportunities in the industry and crosses over different academic disciplines, in a way that is accessible to academics, students, and practitioners alike.
Dan Mason, University of Alberta, Canada

This book is far more than an update of their foundational text.The recent advances in sport tourism research and theory have been fully incorporated in this new edition. It provides a comprehensive examination of sport tourism exploring the scope and diversity of the linkages between sport and tourism focusing on their manifestations in space and time. In doing so, the authors continue to stimulate the curiosity of students, academics, and practitioners alike. More importantly, they achieve their overarching goal of advancing theoretical thinking on the subject of sport tourism development.

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Sport Tourism dissertation Examples

Sports Tourism Destinations

  • Avatar C Summer internships related to Recreation, Sport & Tourism and Communication?
    Feb 10, 2013 by C | Posted in Air Travel

    I am a senior double majoring in Communication and Recreation, Sport, and Tourism. I have had a summer internship with NBCUniversal, but want to focus more on the Recreation and Travelling aspect of my degree.

    I LOVE traveling and my dream job would be to get paid to travel or go …. I want to gain experience in the field. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions I would greatly appreciate them.

    Ideas: Wounded Warrior Project, Red Frog Events, Spartan Race,, buzzfeed, TOMS shoes, anything non-profit as well (anything similar/related would be awesome)

    • Okay, so, you want an "internship" that sends you to some exotic locale, covers your expenses, and pays you on top of that? Congratulations, so does everyone else :-)

      Seriously though, these type of things are few and far between. There's opportunities to volunteer, op …the local language, and you'll get paid to do so, but again, you have to get there yourself and take care of yourself once you're there. Try to check with your school, perhaps they have some resources that aren't commonly known and can point you in the right direction.

      Good luck.

  • Avatar Dev K What jobs can one get with a coporate communications major?
    Aug 25, 2008 by Dev K | Posted in Higher Education (University +)

    I plan on majoring in corporate communications with a leisure &sports management/ parks, recreation and tourism management minor. Does this open up high paying job opportunities? What jobs can one get with this major.

    • I think this would open up higher paying jobs, but keep in mind you must also have extra curricular things other than the education majors.