Sports and Tourism in Jamaica

Breaking Travel News interview: Jamaican tourism minister Wykeham McNeillFollowing Jamaica’s incredible triple triumph in the men’s 200 metres at the London 2012 Olympics, Hon. Wykeham McNeill, Jamaica’s recently appointed minister of tourism & entertainment, took the time out of his busy schedule to meet with Breaking Travel News in London’s stylish Park Plaza Hotel.

In part one of this exclusive interview, Hon McNeill discusses Jamaica’s incredible sporting achievements and what they have meant for the destination as well as Jamaica’s 50th anniversary of independence celebrations.

Tune in to Breaking Travel News next week for part two of the interview which looks at Jamaica’s latest tourism developments, marketing campaigns and priorities for the new minister in Jamaica.

Breaking Travel News: Jamaica has had an incredible run at the Olympics, topped off by the 200m sweep last night. Just eight months into your appointment as Minister, how have the London 2012 Games been for you?

Hon Wykeham McNeill: The Olympics have been really marvelous for Jamaica. Apart from the Olympics themselves we have been engaged, along with other Government agencies, in putting together Jamaica House which is being hosted at the 02 Centre.

This has been a place for everyone to gather; Jamaicans in London, diaspora and visitors from all over the world have come to Jamaica House to watch the Olympics with us. It has been a fabulous experience; we have been hosting seminars and meetings. It has been very productive.

Dennis Morrison, chairman; John Lynch, director of tourism and Hon Wykeham McNeill, tourism minister, Jamaica Tourist Board in London for the 2012 Olympics

BTN: How have you marked Jamaica’s 50th anniversary of independence?

WM: I don’t think we could have had a better birthday present than what our athletes have given to us on our 50th anniversary. At the Jamaica House, on Monday August 6th – the day of independence, we had a flag raising ceremony at the O2 and there were thousands of people who turned up - lines of people who came to celebrate. There was a great outpouring, it was magnificent.

BTN: How have the celebrations gone in Jamaica?

WM: I think the celebrations are going to go on for a long time. There is a mood in the air and everyone is happy and elated. I think above all, when you have an anniversary like this - a Jubilee - you tend to have a period of a reflection. You reflect on the things you have done well, the things you could do better and plan for the way forward. But at this point in time, for us to be celebrating the Olympics and the achievements serves as a poignant reminder that we have not done that badly, that we have made a stamp on the world. And last night to have got the one, two and three, was amazing.

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