Sports Tourism in Mauritius

Adventurous nature lovers will enjoy golf, trekking in Black River Gorges, Bel Ombre and Valriche, 4x4 excursions, canyoning, hiking, rock-climbing, quad-biking, karting, cycling, horse-riding and more!...


Taking a holiday on a dream island does not stop you from improving your golf skills. On Mauritius, the visiting golfer has the chance to practise his favourite sport in optimal conditions on spectacular golf courses, located on beautiful sites with the sea as a backdrop.

The island has conducted a long love-affair with golf. It was the third country in the world to introduce the game to its shores, and boasts the oldest golf club in the southern hemisphere. Today, this stunning island hosts eight 18-hole golf courses and five nine-hole golf courses, each of which provide a unique golfing experience to the visitor.

Horse Riding

The Mauritius scenery is perfect for horse riding, along one of the numerous beaches that line the shore or amongst the lush green interior.

The best time for a ride is early morning or late afternoon thus avoiding the heat in the middle of the day. There are lots of stables dotted around the coast and many hotels organize horse riding activities for their guests.

Horse Racing

The oldest race course in the Southern Hemisphere, the Champ de Mars is found in Port-Louis. It was built in 1812.

The Mauritius Turf Club, is the second oldest in the world, after the British Jockey Club. Races take place on Saturdays or Sundays during the months of March to December attracting a regular crowd of up to 30 000 people.

Mauritius boasts a thriving and sophisticated racing community that attracts jockeys from around the world. Horses are imported from South Africa, Australia, England and France.

Visit Mauritius Turf Club website

Walking & Hiking

The Black River Gorges National Park is often the first port of call for those who have had the foresight to bring their hiking boots with them to Mauritius. Maps and local guides are available through the park’s main visitor centre at the western entrance, located three miles inland from Grand Rivière Noire, and at the Pétrin information office further east.

However, the park isn’t the only place on the island where walking and hiking enthusiasts can get their kicks. There are several other exhilarating trails on Mauritius, including those that meander across the Kestrel Valley near Mahébourg, and the track that leads up the distinctively shaped Trois Mamelles on the west of the island.


Getting around on two wheels has become a lot easier on Mauritius in recent years. Many hotels – particularly in the north and south-west of the island – rent out mountain bikes by the hour or day, and several tour operators...

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Croatia bans pissing in the sea

2005-05-17 07:43:16 by Homers_DOHnut

Croatian Fired for 'Nazi Tourism' Laws Mon May 16, 6:37 PM ET
ZAGREB, Croatia - A Croatian deputy minister who proposed prosecuting wearers of indecent swimwear and bathers who relieve themselves in the sea was fired on Monday, her boss said.
And other proposals to ban revealing swim suits, swimming while drunk and eating on the beach have also been canned, said Croatian Education and Sports Minister Dragan Primorac.
The regulation, dubbed "Nazi tourism" by a Zagreb newspaper on Sunday, had been signed by the minister and was due to come into force on Wednesday

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