Sports Tourism in the Bahamas

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Nassau, Bahamas - Marathon Bahamas this year attracted student marathon teams from the United States for the first time, which is a good indicator of the event’s potential for Sports Tourism, an event organizer said.

Trevor Strachan, a former long distance competitor, who now coordinates the student marathon category of Marathon Bahamas, said 21 student teams entered for competition last year. This year, 25 schools will compete. This includes two Family Island schools and four American schools.

Mr. Strachan said the visiting runners are excited about making a trip to The Bahamas, and they are likely to bring several other people along.

“With the schools that are coming in, they obviously are going to see some parents and some supporters, ” he said. “So with that, they will get to see a little bit of The Bahamas. Just the exposure itself is going to be good for us. To see the race mode, the camaraderie, it is definitely going to help sports tourism. Remember that these people don’t live inside of a shell. They too, as students, will be productive persons later on, and they too will return.”

Mr. Strachan said he got involved with Marathon Bahamas in order to help identify talented distance runners early. He also hopes, with the help of Marathon Bahamas and the sponsorship of Scotiabank, to assist young Bahamians in obtaining scholarships to university as distance runners.

marathon-bahamas-students-pic.jpg“I know that sports is a way to affect and to change a generation. I am a product of that, ” he said. “I am the recipient of a collegiate athletic scholarship. I would not have gone to college if I did not receive that scholarship. So I can tell you, you save a generation by educating people, by giving them the exposure.”

The student marathon is a way that young athletes can be positively impacted by opportunities that are provided, Mr. Strachan said. He said even more student teams are expected next year, including more teams from the United States.

Students run for cause with Marathon Bahamas

High School students will be a part of raising thousands of dollars for health and wellbeing organizations through the student marathon category of Marathon Bahamas.

Shelly Wilson, vice president of Sunshine Insurance, recently charged students athletes to use the thought of helping others to help them complete the race. The students from various schools will run in four-member teams to complete the 26.2 mile course.

“There are five main beneficiaries of the Sunshine Insurance Race Weekend. They are all health and cancer-related beneficiaries. I am sure you are all old enough to understand the impact that cancer has on our country, ” Ms. Wilson told students who will run in the student marathon. “So as you are out there running, and your muscles are hurting, and your feet are hurting, and you hit the wall, just remember that you are running for a cause.”

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Croatia bans pissing in the sea

2005-05-17 07:43:16 by Homers_DOHnut

Croatian Fired for 'Nazi Tourism' Laws Mon May 16, 6:37 PM ET
ZAGREB, Croatia - A Croatian deputy minister who proposed prosecuting wearers of indecent swimwear and bathers who relieve themselves in the sea was fired on Monday, her boss said.
And other proposals to ban revealing swim suits, swimming while drunk and eating on the beach have also been canned, said Croatian Education and Sports Minister Dragan Primorac.
The regulation, dubbed "Nazi tourism" by a Zagreb newspaper on Sunday, had been signed by the minister and was due to come into force on Wednesday

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  • Avatar Mallie How do you write an outline on sports and tourism in the caribbean?
    Oct 18, 2008 by Mallie | Posted in Homework Help
    • The caribbean is comprised of many small island nations within the southwestern atlantic ocean, in addition, countries like guyana, which is located in south america is often included within the west indian/caribbean (check the spelling dude) collection of nations.

      many of these …br /> throughout the caribbean, tourism and sports are an integral part of each islands allure as they attract tourists with a wide range of activites in a lovely tropical setting.

      (hey i know this isn't an outline, so just cut out the extra stuff)

      hope this helps

  • Avatar CNDYGRL What are some must see's in the Bahamas?
    Jul 17, 2006 by CNDYGRL | Posted in Bahamas

    Also wondering if anyone has stayed at the Sandal's resort there? I love to is the snorkling there? We are going in June, how is the weather?

    • Check out the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism web site at especially under "What to Do" and Diving and Water Sports. Sandals is in New Providence on Cable Beach, so lots of places to snorkle. The water in the Bahamas is among the clearest in the world and there are lots of coral reefs.

      In June, the weather is good. The average high is in the mid-80s and average low in the 70s. It does tend to rain in the afternoons and you have a slight chance of a tropical storm or depression, since it's at the start of hurricane season.