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Sligo can advance its already strong sport tourism product and grab a greater slice of the €450bn global industry in the sector, the organisers of a major think-tank of international experts in the field in May have stated.

The inaugural European Sport Tourism Summit, which will take place at Thomond Park Stadium, Limerick on Thursday May 15th, will hear from global experts how Ireland can attract major international tournaments, such as the rugby world cup, but also how regions and counties, like Sligo

Organised by W2 Consulting, the event will be attended by over 400 delegates drawn from local authorities, sports bodies, federations, clubs, charity organisations and communities here and abroad eager to attract global sports events and tournaments or develop their own major sports tourism product around mass participation events.

Announcing the Summit, W2 Consulting Director Mark O’Connell said that the Sport Tourism industry is on a steep upward curve globally and represents a huge opportunity for every county, including Sligo. “Sports Tourism is huge business and it’s getting bigger and bigger. Research has shown that sports tourist spend double the amount that traditional tourists do and this is a huge opportunity for Government at national and local level, as well as sports organisations, to capitalize on.

“Sligo already has a really strong sport tourism offering thanks to activities and events like the Warriors Festival Run, Sligo Coast to Coast and the An Post Tour of Sligo. When you have got natural infrastructure like the Atlantic ocean right on your doorstep for surfing, swimming and fishing, anglers are spoiled for choice with opportunities for fishing on the Glencer Lake and Drumcliff River, you really have a lot to work with”. It’s such a great platform to start from.

“Sports Tourism is not just about hosting major global events. There’s huge potential from events grown organically and locally but ones that still bring in big numbers and investment to a city or town. Sligo certainly has a huge opportunity to grab more of that action, ” he said.

Delegates will hear from leading global experts in the sector about how Ireland can attract major global sports events and how local organisations can develop their own successful sports tourism product capable of attracting millions in revenue to a region or local community.The conference, which will be staged annually in Limerick, will be the biggest of its kind in Europe and already being dubbed the ‘Davos’ of the sports industry.

“There are several examples of mass participation events that counties like Sligo can stage using the incredible natural infrastructure you have in the county. Cycling events, triathlons, hill-walking events, surfing competitions, etc. all spring to mind. Each of these can attract big numbers to the county and you also have an excellent stock of hotel and other accommodation to support these. Every region and county in the country, with the right know-how, is capable of hosting these type of events. What we need to do is develop a clear strategy for this and the European Sports Summit will set the ball rolling in that regard, ” added O’Connell.

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Croatia bans pissing in the sea

2005-05-17 07:43:16 by Homers_DOHnut

Croatian Fired for 'Nazi Tourism' Laws Mon May 16, 6:37 PM ET
ZAGREB, Croatia - A Croatian deputy minister who proposed prosecuting wearers of indecent swimwear and bathers who relieve themselves in the sea was fired on Monday, her boss said.
And other proposals to ban revealing swim suits, swimming while drunk and eating on the beach have also been canned, said Croatian Education and Sports Minister Dragan Primorac.
The regulation, dubbed "Nazi tourism" by a Zagreb newspaper on Sunday, had been signed by the minister and was due to come into force on Wednesday

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