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goaTo bring some order in the functioning of water sports operators, beginning next tourism season – October 2014 – the tourism department through Goa tourism development corporation (GTDC) will operate all the water sports booths in the state. The booths run by GTDC will issue tickets, maintain the queue system and control sport activities. The decision has been taken in view of complaints against water sports operators that they don’t follow a queue system. The new water sports policy of the government will also be implemented from the next season. Tourism officials say that despite their directive, water sports operators operating from popular beaches in the state reluctantly, follow the queue system.

calangute-beach-goaDuring the last two years, although the queue system is being followed, there have been constant fights among the operators. The tourism department has been in receipt of many such complaints. Also, many complaints were about irregularities against water sports operators, alleging that safety measures are not followed as most of the boats are overcrowded and expose passengers on-board to danger. Also, two writ petitions were also filed in the high court seeking directions to tourism department to intervene in the interest of safety of the tourists. Nikhil Desai, director, tourism department, in the affidavit filed before the high court, said GTDC would undertake operations of water sport booths, but only from the next season.Surfing. Photo: alphagoa.com This is because the process of taking over of the queue system from the water sports associations will take some time as all the necessary infrastructure will have to be created as also additional staff will have to be employed to maintain the water sports booths.

The tourism department has moved the proposal to the government for taking over the queue system from the water sports association from ongoing season itself, Desai had stated in his affidavit filed in the high court. There are over a thousand water sports operators operating from various beach stretches but North Goa beaches Calangute, Baga, Sinquerim and Candolim are most crowded. Touts also move around tapping customers.

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  • Avatar miko22 I got a tourism agency but i would like to start a business?
    Nov 08, 2006 by miko22 | Posted in Other - Africa & Middle East
    • I don't know where you live but i live in egypt and work in local travel agent and have my own small bussines we offer services here hoteling transportation all that stuuf. so if u would like tell me where u live and work.

  • Avatar all-knowing Topic for travel writing assignment?
    Oct 01, 2007 by all-knowing "1" | Posted in Other - Europe

    I need a topic for a travel-writing class- not a destination, but something more general like travelling with kids, jet lag, or maybe something to do with air travel/airports etc. Something that a majority of travelers might find informative or useful. Any suggestions?

    • Debating pros and cons of package tours vs individual travel.


      How flight ticket prices work and how does one recognise a good deal. Basically anything you can think of about cheap airfare.

  • Avatar Lisa gabby Has anybody studied travel and tourism?
    Mar 27, 2012 by Lisa gabby | Posted in Other - Destinations

    Im just wondering has anybody studied travel and tourism at level 3?
    and if so what do you or are you hoping to do at the end of it , when qualified?xxxxxxxxx

    • I'm not sure what you mean by level 3 but, there is a whole scholarship related to tourism.

      I study the sociology of tourism. Sociology is a rather broad discipline which touches on economics, psychology, philosophy, and other social sciences. I am particularly interested in the E …work for the city planners office, work for the office of the mayor, work for a travel group, work for a research firm.. the lists are endless. Unfortunately given the sad state of affairs in our economy those jobs will require being in the right place at the right time.

      Good luck.