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Three Ghanaian journalists were on Tuesday 12th February assaulted by suspected 'bodyguards' of the Chief Executive Officer of African Origin Travel and Sports Tourism at the OR Tambo International Airport.

The three well built men assaulted Skyy TV's Russell Wiafe on suspicion that he was taking pictures of stranded Ghanaian Supporters at the airport.

Mr. Wiafe received hefty blows to his head before he could reject the accusation saying he was only taking a picture of another female journalist Helga Goka.

Freelance journalist Emmanuel Gyamfi also had his fair share of the sudden attack after he tried to intervene during the melee.

Mr. Gyamfi tried to explain to the assailants that they could uncover the truth or otherwise of the accusation by taking a look at the memory chip of the camera.

Helga Goka, who writes for the Tide newspaper, was also manhandled by the infuriated men who were suspected to be bodyguards of the Chief Executive Officer of African Origin Travels and Sports Tourism, Samson Deen.

Russell Wiafe confirmed the incident to and added that the three men seized his memory chip and are yet to return it.

Scores of Ghanaian supporters, who were sponsored by the government to support Ghana's campaign at the 2013 African Nations Cup, thronged the OR Tambo International Airport from Monday 11th February to catch a flight home following the conclusion of the African Nations Cup on Sunday.

But many were left disappointed after realising they were not part of the group scheduled to leave for Accra. Some supporters were at the airport as early as 5:00am to join long queues.

The uncertainty continued on Tuesday and Wednesday with officials of the Government contracted Travel and Tour agency, African Origin Travels and Sports Tourism working around the clock to secure tickets for the desperate supporters.

Two chartered planes left the shores of Johannesburg to Accra on Monday and Tuesday while other people were booked on other flights to reduce the load.

However, the process of confirming ones ticket was rather cumbersome. First, the person has to wait for his/her name to be mentioned by an official of African Origin Travel and Sports Tourism who then collected passports for booking at the South African Airways counter.

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New Zealand

2006-09-02 22:57:26 by guy-from-another-forum

It will be midsummer there. There are beaches but nobody gives a crap about what you look like in a swimsuit. It is very relaxed and there is a lot to do.
You could do the Bay of Islands for beaches, sailing, big game fishing or scuba diving.
Or Auckland is good for a city vacation. City stuff, go to the museum and aquarium, go up the volcanoes, out on the ferries to the vineyards on Waiheke Island or the bird sanctuary on Tiritiri Island, out to the west coast side for big surf, scenery and solitude.
Rotorua/Waitomo Caves/Taupo loop for adventure sports and the geothermal tourism stuff, hiking, or trout fishing


2006-11-02 20:47:38 by --

I'd go for Peru, myself. Chile next. But definitely, need more details to give any helpful input. Argentina was less interesting to me than I expected -- I think Buenos Aires is probably pretty great if you want a city experience, but then I'm not sure how much there is for you outside of that. (Having said that, I haven't been to Bariloche, and would still plan to. But only as a side to a mostly-Chile expedition.) Costa Rica is great, but also has a seriously tourism-driven economy, and is really best if you want to do adventure tours/sports or just completely relax. Peru and Chile I like because there are just lots of options, at least as long as you don't crave a metropolis and want more culture, outdoors, whatever

Information about Nepal

2011-04-05 02:54:41 by advmaypoletreks

Nepal is a land of unparalleled scenic beauty located within one of the most diverse geographical areas on earth. Nestled high in the Himalayas between China and India, it has retained its essentially agrarian and medieval character. Its wondrous history and geography are still the defining aspects of everyday life.
Since Nepal first opened its frontiers to foreign visitors in the fifties, it has been the epicenter of Himalayan adventure activities. Climbing and trekking holidays in Nepal Himalaya has become highly sought after adventure sports throughout the world soon after the advent of tourism culture

Going to Peru? Ask a Native tour operator.

2006-08-01 17:43:25 by CuscoExpert

My family is from Cusco, Peru. (Your destination in order to visit Machu Pichu). I've lived in the SF Bay Area for fifteen years and I go to Peru at least once a year. This is my third year organising tours to Cusco and Machu Picchu. Because tourism is the main industry in Cusco most of my family and friends have been involved in tourism for many years. This gives me an insider look, and puts me in a great position to get the best values.
Cusco is one of my favorite travel destinations. There is something interesting for every body. Great history, magnificent architectural complexes, wonderful arts and crafts, beautiful music, exotic customs and traditions,unique scenery and wildlife, varied and exciting adventure sports, as well as a fun night life

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African Travel and Sports Tourism

African Origin and Sports Tourism

Africa Origin Travel and Sports Tourism

Importance of Sports Tourism

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