Sports tourism development

The Tourism Development Policy Unit has responsibility for reviewing and facilitating the delivery mechanisms for State support for tourism as well as facilitating and reviewing the use of public funds for human resource, enterprise and product development in the tourism sector.

Key responsibilities of the Unit include:

  • To ensure the appropriate policies and necessary structures and resources are in place to:
  • champion the tourism sector and influence other stakeholders,
  • support innovation and product development in the Irish tourism industry,
  • support competitiveness, enterprise capability and sustainability in Irish tourism, and
  • optimise the tourism budget and implementation structures.
  • Matters relating to the corporate governance of Fáilte Ireland and corporate liaison with Shannon Development on its tourism activities.
  • Policy issues relating to tourism development and structures.
  • Policy responsibility for the development of the tourism product (including sports tourism and festivals and cultural events); the enhancement of quality and standards (including the framework for the registration and approval of visitor accommodation under the Tourist Traffic Acts); and enterprise development, human resource and training issues in the industry.
  • Services provided to the public

    Dealings with the Public mainly relate to requests for information on potential funding for capital investment in tourism projects, and tourism-related festivals and events. However, neither the Minister nor the Department has direct responsibility for making decisions on the funding of tourism projects. The administration of tourism-related grant programmes is the responsibility of the tourism agencies under the aegis of the Department and other bodies. Further information on Fáilte Ireland's funding measures is available on the Fáilte Ireland website.

    The Unit also plays a role in referring customer complaints received in relation to accommodation and other tourism matters to the appropriate bodies.

    For further information contact

    Donal Reddington (Tourism Product Development) (+353 64) 6627382

    Laidoffdecember7 - Good Luck!

    2009-01-28 10:50:21 by kiss_ass_for_a_job

    I'm in the same boat. Was laid off in the late fall from a management consulting firm. I've been very selective since being laid off and am trying to buy some time so that I can continue working on establishing my own business as well. I hope to develop my own sports marketing, PR and Promotions enterprise. My background is in sports, fitness, biz development, marketing, research and consulting. Ideally, I'm seeking a marketing/PR position with a sports marketing firm or team or travel/tourism industry that will also give me time to conduct my own business and compete as a pro athlete.

    Have you had very little luck with getting any offers? I just started looking for some high paying contract work

    Pt. 2, and the point

    2007-05-14 00:57:31 by lynnxe

    So, here's my thought: you get a large number of artists to commit to moving to whatever town will give us what we want. You jury the artists in, make sure they are capable of having a way to pay their bills somewhat (possibly through a collective business, through sales, still working through that), and you make sure they're committed artists. Then you put together a marketing package, and start pitching towns and cities that you've identified as good possibilities. If you had enough artists, it might even be possible to get towns bidding against each other, like they might for a sports team

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