Challenges Facing Sports Tourism

The Arena das Dunas in Natal is one of seven new stadiums built for the 2014 World Cup games in Brazil. Five others have been renovated. (Source: Portal da Copa do Mundo, Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Brazil)1. Cost of the event. In the last year, Brazil has seen not only an increase in its inflation rate but a rise in social unrest. According to official statistics the inflation rate is around 5.4 percent. The problem is that inflation rates are based on a basket of goods and often this basket does not reflect real life. The inflation rate and the huge cost of stadium building have sparked major social protest movements across the country. The cost for running a major event, such as the World Cup (or an Olympic Games), is so high that there are those that joke that the nations and cities that lose their bid are really the winners!

2. Timing. The World Cup is occurring in the same year as a presidential election. This means that opposition groups and potential anarchist groups may see the World Cup as an international stage on which to embarrass the government.

Dr. Peter Tarlow trains police departments worldwide on TOPPS (Tourism Oriented Policing and Protection Services). Here he is with a class in Rio de Janeiro (third from left).3. Police and Rio de Janeiro's famous favelas. The government has sought to quell the violence in some or Rio de Janeiro's famous shantytowns. The word favela was changed to "cidade pacificada" (pacified communities), and the police were to have become part of the local communities. Unfortunately due to numerous reasons, the policy failed and Brazil has now had to call in the military to assure that civil unrest does not ruin the nation's image during the games.

4. Inconsistent preparation across the nation. Some locations such as Rio de Janeiro have completed their stadiums and have spent a great deal of time and money on infrastructure. Other places, however, may not be finished until the last moment, and in a few cases, questions have arisen regarding the quality of stadium workmanship, hotel availably and food safety.

5. Terrorism. Brazil has traditionally never been a place of terrorism. With the coming of the World Cup, however, international problems now land on Brazil's doorstep. This means that Brazil has not only to deal with a high crime rate but also the potential for a world staged act of terrorism.

6. Hooliganism. The World Cup means that both players and property must be protected not only against the actions of thieves and terrorists, but also against the actions of foreign fans whose team lost a match and then chose to express their anger against the local community. An international event such as the World Cup means that security must not only be at the highest level inside the stadium but also outside the stadium.

7. Media. In tourism security and major events, what occurs in the media sets the stage for years to come. These events are perfect examples of the need to see media coverage as part of a locale's security concerns. The impact of negative media coverage can be felt for years to come.

8. Weather-related issues. Many of Brazil's stadiums are not covered. Rainstorms are less of a problem in the stadium than outside. Major traffic snarls may be expected in the case of a major storm. Should these traffic problems occur during a terrorist act or other security challenge, the system may well experience a major crisis.

Cut teachers pensions, buy fireworks.

2011-12-11 21:53:09 by asaman

London 2012 Olympics: Austerity boy David Cameron steps in to double budget for opening and closing ceremonies
By Jacquelin Magnay and Christopher Hope7:00AM GMT 06 Dec 2011
Despite the worsening economic climate, the Prime Minister sanctioned spending more on fireworks and acrobats at the beginning and end of the London Games.
The news came as the public spending watchdog warned that the bill for security at the Games next year will be twice as high as previously thought

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