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REC graduatesWelcome to the University of North Carolina Wilmington's program in Recreation, Sport Leadership and Tourism Management. if you have an outgoing, friendly personality, enjoy being with people, are interested in travel, have a love for the outdoors, sports or fitness, this is the field for you! UNCW is the ideal place of study for coastal recreation, sport and tourism.

Students earning a Bachelor of Arts in this curriculum are prepared for management positions in a diversity of recreation, sport and tourism settings and for graduate study. The curriculum is based not only on classroom experience but with significant experiential education. As a student you will find yourself directly and personally involved in planning special events, programming activities for youth and adults, creating business and marketing plans and much more. Graduates find career opportunities in settings such as hotels, resorts, convention and visitor centers, private recreation clubs, non-profit community organizations, municipal parks and recreation departments, sports facilities, outdoor/adventure centers, cruise ships, and professional meeting and event planning.

Glen Benbow, Class of 2008
Youth Activities Entertainment Host for Disney Cruise Line

NEWS FROM OUR GRADUATESMy degree helped me get into Walt Disney World and Disney Cruise Line because this company is the #1 tourist attraction in the entire world. Let's face it, everyone wants to go to Disney at least once in their lifetime! My life goal ambition has always been to be more than I can be and working for a company like Disney has allowed me to accomplish my goals and dreams. Disney doesn’t just pick a random person off the streets though. They value those with educations and backgrounds working with children, activities and events.NancyHritz My degree allowed me to do that and now I am where I am because of UNCW faculty, staff and team!

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Dr. Nancy Hritz
Program Coordinator/Associate Professor
Tourism and Commercial Recreation

Trask 149

Dr. Alexia Franzidis
Assistant Professor

Hanover Hall 119C

Dr. Jim Herstine
Associate Professor
Public and Non-Profit Recreation

Hanover Hall 201E

Mr. Jeffrey Nix

JimHerstine TricycleRace CouncilAccreditation JeffreyNix
Trotman & Co Ltd Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism 2005/06 (CRAC Degree Course Guides 2007/8 Series 1)
Book (Trotman & Co Ltd)

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Dcg: Hospitality, Leisure, Tourism and Sport: 2002/2003 (CRAC Series of Degree Course Guides)
Book (Hobsons Publishing PLC)
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Sport Leisure and Tourism jobs

Australian Sport Tourism

Recreation, Sport and Tourism Job

  • Avatar Lily What can I do with a degree in Recreation, Sports, and Tourism?
    Jan 09, 2014 by Lily | Posted in Other - Games & Recreation

    Just wondering what options lie before me if I took a 4 year Bachelor of Arts in recreation, sport, and tourism. Thanks!

    • This degree lends itself to a career in community recreation, military recreation, non-profit recreation (YMCA, Boys and Girls Club, etc.), year round director for a summer camp, hotel management, resort management, cruise ship management, amusement park management, etc.

      However, I …nce realized that your degree doesn't tie you down to just a few career options. While I stuck with a career in community recreation and summer camps (and I absolutely love it) I do know there are many other career paths I can take if I so choose.

      Good luck in your decision making.