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eldon house picturesEvery city has an art museum, but how many have a pioneer village that recreates life from the 1800s? And a family-owned department store with an old-timey gate elevator and an assistant to operate it? And a house from 1834 preserved in its original state? And a museum dedicated to the founder of insulin?

When it comes to unusual and interesting attractions, London, Ontario has no shortage of options. During a recent trip to Canada, I spent a couple of days checking out the city with a few other bloggers as a guest of London Tourism.eldon house Though a scheduled hot air balloon ride got rained out (sad face), the history and charm of the town made the visit a memorable one. Here are some of the highlights.

Built in 1834, Eldon House is the oldest remaining residence in London. What’s special about this place is that the property has been preserved. Stepping inside transports you back more than 100 years into the lives of an affluent family.royal canadian regiment museum John and Amelia Harris and their descendants owned the home from the time it was built until 1960, when they donated the site to the city.

The house has changed little over the past century. A guide in era-appropriate garb led us around the property and told stories about how some of the more unusual items made their way here. The family had interesting taste. In addition to the fancy china and furniture, the house featured animal horns all over the walls and actual elephant feet used as umbrella holders.

Besides its usual guided tours, the Eldon House offers afternoon tea sittings during the summer in its tranquil garden area.

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The Royal Canadian Regiment is a special regiment of the Canadian Army. They’ve participated in major conflicts around the world, all of which are documented at the RCR Museum. The museum is currently being revamped with new exhibits. The most impressive displays included gas masks from World War II, a display case of medals issued to soldiers over the years, and a visual timeline of the conflicts in which the regiment has participated.

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Alot. And for the record, we did not ban all guns.
twenty-nine per cent of Canadian homes possess an estimated total of nine million firearms. Other authorities insist that even this figure is too low, and that there is at least twenty million firearms in Canada. The UN reported that Canada ranks third among the developed western countries (behind the United States and Norway) in the civilian ownership of firearms.
There is an average of three firearms in every gun-owning Canadian household. The majority of gun-owning households in Canada own rifles and/or shotguns; on a per capita basis, Canadians own nearly as many rifles as Americans

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We Love You Canada - Video for Tourism London Ontario
We Love You Canada - Video for Tourism London Ontario

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